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An Update from the Latin America Missions Board
By Aaron Rhoads

April 17, 2003

--- Mexico ---
The activity in the Matamors mission is continuing to grow.  They had 5 visitors this last weekend.  They have outgrown the home they're meeting in, so they are looking for a house to rent to serve as their church building.

Nathan Sherer is going for 2 months starting at the end of May.  Manuel Castillo will likely follow a month later for another couple months.

Kim & Lowell are working with Juan to arrange for guest ministry in Matamoros every other week.  If you are willing to give up a weekend to serve in this manner, please reply to this email or contact Kim & Lowell directly to see what weekends are not already filled.

--- Honduras ---
Socorro Vasquez & Antonio Orellano were able to come up for the Elder's Conference this year, and were able to attend a LAMB Board meeting last Saturday.

The budget for Honduras was amended per their request to provide more family support for priesthood who were taking significant time away from their work to go to other cities and provide ministry.  As with any area where LAMB is providing ministry, an accounting is required from the ministers for all money received.  Socorro has been one of the best in providing an accounting of his time and expenditures.

--- Local News ---
Our 2003 budget was approved as presented to the Conference last week.  We appreciate your support throughout the year.  When you make a donation, please send it through the Elder's Conference noting that it is for LAMB.

We need your support as much as ever.  With the work growing the need for willing servants is greater than in previous years.  Our budget is also growing: to match the effort we're projecting for the year. Any way you can help the work go forward is greatly appreciated.

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