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An Update from the Latin America Missions Board
By Aaron Rhoads

February  18, 2003

*** Special Note ***
The LAMB Updates have not been sent in some time.  A large part of our time these last several months has been dedicated to merging with the Evangelism Council (EC) of the Conference of Restoration Elders (CORE). This is not a trivial task, but a good one for the cause of unity among the saints.

To be sure, the work in Latin America has not been neglected.  But our updates to you, those who are most interested in this work, have not been consistent.

Most of the work required to merge with the EC is behind us now, and we hope to continue in the programs we started before, like...the LAMB Updates and the LAMB Newsletter.  You might also expect to see a LAMB Fellowship Dinner in the near future.

May the Spirit of the Lord continue to work among the decendents of the Lamanites in these latter days, is our prayer.

--- Matamoros ---
The work is continuing with regular ministry by Juan Reyes, and by visiting ministry from the United States arranged by Lowell Augenstein.

Juan's most recent trip included visiting two non-member families in Brownsville, TX.  Several others who were part of the RLDS years ago, but who have since been attending protestant churches.  There was a very positive result from those visits.  We will not know the result for some time to come.

The church in Matamoros is still very small.  Please pray for the work to continue to grow.

--- Honduras ---
Three of the elders in have faxed an accounting of their time spent in the missionary work for the month of January.  One spent 58 hours, another 73,  and the third 135.  Praise the Lord that they are beginning to understand that they must give an accounting for their Elder's expenses.  It is slow work breaking the Catholic and  Protestant mindset that priesthood can receive compensation for being pastors.

--- South America ---
Juan Reyes and Gary Metzger made trip back in September.  (You may remember our fund-raiser dinner for the purpose of sending missionaries to Chile.)  They met with several in the various contries of South America. Their trip resulted in continued contact with several by email, one of which is requesting baptism.  You may pray that a second trip to South America is possible soon.

--- Internet ---
Last year, we had 1000 visiters to the website from outside the US.

Gary Metzger is continuing to work with his contacts.  These are people who have come across our website (www.spanishministries.org) and have initiated contacted by email.  This is how the work in South America started.  Gary reminds us often to not underestimate the power of the Internet.

An Ex-Mormon visiter from Columbia continues to express interested.  He participated in several studies over the Internet in January.  Please pray for him in his search.

--- Local News ---
The Spanish branch in Independence had the ordination of Michael Holmes to the office of priest last Sunday.  We look forward to more ministry to the Spanish sector through his new responsibilities.

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