"And I beheld the Lamb of God going forth among the children of men."

First Nephi 3:82
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Report to the Evangelism Council
and Conference of Restoration Elders


To The Elder’s Conference:

The Latin American Missions Board has been hard at work in the last year and we appreciate your interest in the work.  We have had some successes and some disappointments this year.  It is easy to see that God has been with us through it all.  This is still His work.


Early in the year we were pleased to see the new branch in Burrell Boom were very consistently having an attendance of 60 members.  Dick & Bobbie Smith are very hard workers and gave as large a sacrifice as I have seen from anyone in the Restoration.

However, they had a few visits from Remnant missionaries and late in the year had an experience that convinced them that God was continuing His work in the Remnant.  We are very disappointed to see them go.

There was some unrest surrounding a van that had been recently donated to the work in Burrell Boom and after a fair amount of dialoge an agreement was reached that either LAMB would repay all the expenses they had incurred on the van to date, or they would give to LAMB a fair market value for the van.  However, in th end neither LAMB nor Dick & Bobbie were able to find the funds to give to the other so we mutually agreed to call the issue settled.

In contrast to Belize, the work in Honduras has been very consistent.

There are currently two church buildings in the process of being built and a third requesting assistance in building.  Lowell Augenstein is putting together a work group to go down and help the saints build their sanctuaries.  The congregations and LAMB having  agreement that when LAMB agrees to financially help them with a sanctuary that the congregation must raise 30% of the funds.  In this way the people have a very real part in the building of their sanctuary and it isn’t just a handout from the North Americans.  If you are interested in being part of this work crew that is going down early this year please contact Lowell.

Honduras followed in the steps of the saints up here and held a conference late in the year.  There was less dischord about having a conference in Honduras than there was here and we pray that their conference will be a blessing to them.

Juan continues to provide ministry to both Jojutla and Matamoros.  We were saddened by the loss of a friend and pastor of the Matamoros branch late in 2004, and the branch has not yet fullly recovered from that loss.  Lucas was the only priesthood member and God has not seen fit to call another in that area of the vineyard.

Jojutla is in a similar situation as Matamoros in that they do not have any priesthood.  While they are a little larger, and appear to have a lot of potential, they haven’t grown much this year.  Please pray that the Lord will raise up men to serve in both Matamoros and Jojutla this next year.

South America
Gary has been working diligently to promote the work in South America.  Gary is putting to work brothers from Honduras to assist with this work and is very excited about how things are progressing.

Thank you each for your continued support for the work in Latin America.  It is your prayerful support that sustains us when we are faced with difficult situations.  Please continue to petition the Lord that He will raise up servants who are willing and able.

 Aaron Rhoads
LAMB Chairman


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